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Thomas Higo

Profile of Thomas Higo

Thomas Higo

Physical Trainer / Injury Rehabilitation

"Injuries, illness and failures have given me perspective, empathy and humility for the people I am fortunate to enough to coach"

Here is my story and the turn of events that lead to the creation of fitcure; I’m blessed to spend my days working with people from all different walks of life face to face and online, in various different formats.

We all have stories that lead us to where we are, they are a combination of our actions and unforeseeable and here are mine.

When I look back over my own training goals through the years it has wavered between one of the three, as an 8 year old boy it was all about performance, although I wasn’t conscious of it at that point, I wanted to be the fittest, fastest player on the football pitch, the best at climbing trees.

As a 14-year-old I became even more conscious of my potential future pushing performance harder and harder to try and achieve the unachievable, to be in the top 1% of human beings and have a career as a professional athlete, without much thought to anything other than just that, getting faster and better no matter the cost. Eventual over training, and what was sadly with my skill set an unachievable goal, left me with several reoccurring injuries and 3 knee surgeries. By the age of 16 I knew it was all over.

Fast forward to my late teens, trouble concentrating at school, and constant fatigue, was put down to being a teenager and growing. I spent most of my teenage years sleeping, If I didn’t have football practice I would come home from school be home for 16:00 and literally sleep through till 21:00 be up for two hours and go back to sleep until morning I would then struggle to pick my head up off the pillow and sprint to school/college, time keeping certainly wasn’t my strong point back then, at the time I thought this was normal, all the “hardcore training” I did, growing into a man etc.

The start of university was when I realised; well, to be honest it was hard to miss I woke up one morning, and finally found where I have been storing all the meat and protein shakes I had been drinking for the last 6 years! (sadly, it wasn’t on my torso). I had what can only be described as a hamster’s pouch at the front of my neck?! Fast forwards a couple of months of testing, “you my friend have an underactive thyroid” said the doctor. Suddenly the dusty haze of fatigue and confusion in my life began to all make sense, initially relief, I had something to blame for my procrastination and lack of achievement, then fear began to raise his ugly head. Suddenly a teenage boy who took health as a given, was engulfed by it!! Training shifted gears, it became all about increasing energy, hydration, sleep, cardiovascular exercise, low sugar, no caffeine, Epsom salt baths and so the habit stacking began. In hindsight I added too many habits at once, I made myself more anxious searching for the “magic pill” than I would if I have if I continued as previous with the added medication from the doctors. Health became no1 priority, no more body part splits, no more sports as they just got me injured! (Oh I had 3 knee surgeries and tore the labrum in my hip too, turns out I’m hypermobile with dysplastic hips, but perhaps we will leave that story for another time) Truth be told I did feel a little bit better, when I say better, I no longer felt the same level of fatigue and had clarity of thought, my health was restored through the medication given to me by the doctors... but it wasn’t enough, that eight-year-old boy began to raise his ugly head, performance wasn’t really where I wanted it to be.

Due to what I believe now a lack of competition in my life, I began to focus heavily on body composition. I became obsessed with muscles and body fat percentage. So, I continued with my healthy lifestyle habits, and began to focus on muscles groups and body fat, things were going great until a plague of injuries where bestowed upon me, too much volume, over trained, muscular imbalance and hypermobility to boot. A distinct lack of corrective exercise, postural balance, and general rehab from old injuries, as well as ignoring new, created what can only be described as a Ferrari with no breaks, all power and certainly no stability.

I knew I had to learn about this rehab stuff so I spoke to my physio (who I have since married, never say I am not committed, again a story for another time); If she asked me to read a book, I read it, a course to go on? I did it. Eventually I was hired by physio cure and began to work closely with them rehabbing their patients particularly the hip and shoulder. and so, the next seven years and still to this day I continue to learn everything I can about corrective exercise and performance.

At the risk of sounding like a crock, with all my injuries and health issues this was the catalyst for creating what is now known as Fit cure, "A company striving to improve health, performance and body composition, for everyday people and weekend warriors alike using effective program design, nutrition and lifestyle habits to build happier healthier people."

16 years on from my initial diagnosis and injury, at the time of writing I am 33 years old, with a 5year-old boy, a beautiful wife and a constantly evolving fitness system, to improve everything body composition, health and performance for everyday people in the time they have.

My life experiences have given me perspective and empathy for my clients, in the trenches, being where they are, has helped me to build a bite sized manageable program. Whilst like everyone on this earth, I am still learning every day, what I am certain of is fitness has to encompass all three elements, life itself is about balance, “too much of anything is not good for you”. If you truly want long term success in sport, playing with your family and generally enjoying life and the adventure it can bring without fitness limiting you, a solid training program with the right exercises to restore balance, appropriate nutrition, lifestyle and fitness habits bespoke to you is the answer. Think yin and yang with an added bit of you!

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Personal Training

At Fitcure we specialise in helping everyday people improve health, fitness and performance to attack life full of energy.

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Group training is all about variety - no session will ever be the same, train with five likeminded people in an air filtered room, in your own transparent screened booth, to minimise contact with others.

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  • THANK YOU once agian fo your time and patience with me. I really am feeling the benefits I am sure as I have said before it is the detail and explanations that you give that makes you the TOPS for me.


  • Hey Scott,
    I don't normally do soft but I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help & support over these last 6 months.

    I most likely wouldn't have got into the gym if you hadn't been so nice, genuine, understanding & non judgemental towards this nutjob. During the recovery process peole often don't realise they've helped. Well you have, be it pushing me past my fitness expectations, cheering me on when the weight comes off or letting me get shit off my chest. So again, many thanks to you.


  • I previously attended group class sessions with Corrie and kept up with her online sessions throughout lockdown. When the opportunity came to do one to one sessions at the start of summer I jumped at the chance.

    Corrie started with the absolute basics of breathing and posture and this created a great foundation for everything we have done since. I don't respond well to a "shouty" gym instructor so Corrie's critical friend style suits me perfectly. She pushes me, doesn't let me get away with being sloppy but does so with a smile on her face! I never did weights in the gym as I felt uncomfortable but that fear just isn't there with Corrie. I can feel the positive changes in my body as a result of the one to one training and I'm starting to see the difference in my appearance too. I never wanted to lose weight, just tone and feel good. And that's exactly what's happening.

    I look forward to every session and miss it when, on the rare occasion, it's not been on. Consistency has been key and Corrie has been instrumental in this and motivating me to be better week on week. To work with Corrie as my PT has been the best decision and investment I have made in terms of my fitness and health. I get fit, toned, feel good, have a laugh and get tasty treat tips like peanut butter on apple. What more could I want? I love it!


  • Fitcure is a lovely safe environment to workout in, the personal trainers assess you and then pitch your program of fitness to suit you. Im extremely happy there and wouldn't look else where.

    Andrea Stokes

  • I have had the pleasure and honour of working alongside Tom Higo for over 10 years. I have not only seen how he has helped so many of my hip patients in preparing them for surgery, or dealing with hip issues conservatively; and also in post-operative rehabilitation taking them to full athletic function, but he has also helped me personally recover from my hip arthroscopy, gynae surgery, a broken elbow and a recent hip replacement! Tom's approach is unique. He has spent years working with the Physiocure Chartered Physiotherapists, has studied at length to understand movement dysfunction, myofascial involvement, postural restoration and has attended surgical conferences with the Physiocure team; and he is dedicated to his learning to help his clients. Feedback from my patients has been "Wow!"

    Louise Grant MSc. MCSP.MHCPC
    Hip Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist
    Member of the Health and Care Professions Council
    Advanced Practitioner in MSK Medicine

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