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Here is a selection of what our clients are saying...

Tom Higo   Scott Lemm   Corrie Liptrot  

Tom Higo - Testimonials

I regularly compete in multi sport endurance events, anything from a few hours to multiple days of continual trekking, biking, paddling and anything else the organisers might throw in. Several years ago I found out that I needed some surgery to repair a labral tear in my hip, which is when I found myself seeking the expertise from Physiocure and Tom, at Fitcure. After my initial rehab phase, I was able to continue to participate in the shorter events I used to compete in pre-op, but I wasn't done. After continuing to work with Tom, I was finally able to return to multiday racing, not only surviving a 100 hour adventure race, but completing the event injury free and remaining strong throughout. I continue to work with Tom on my strength and conditioning, and I honestly recommend that anyone who runs or cycles sees Tom for a consultation for a basic conditioning programme, then puts in a few hours of effort a week to keep their body in shape and working to the best of its ability.

Ian Furlong

Tom Higo has been my personal trainer for a number of years and has helped me maintain a good standard of fitness.

He has the knowledge and skill to tailor each session to suit my aims and ability. His enthusiasm is infectious, which makes his clients work harder and ultimately gain maximum benefit from his sessions.

Tom’s enthusiasm has encouraged formation of the Kettlebell Club Saturday morning workouts via Zoom and in addition, due to the Corvid pandemic lockdown, he initiated Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions. This was a great boost to so many, for both physical and emotional wellbeing.

I cannot praise him too highly.

Janet Goddard

Tom is incredibly energetic, enthusiastic and focussed on health and fitness, yet keenly empathetic of individual injuries and personal capability when devising strength, fitness or recovery exercises and workouts. I was first introduced to him through referral from injury by Physiocure, and his tailored programme undoubtedly helped the speed and effectiveness of my recovery. I’ve had the same quality of response to different injuries since then. I now participate in his zoom fitness workouts with multiple levels which work brilliantly for folk across a wide range of age and levels of fitness. Once you try him, you won’t want to go elsewhere!

Pat Ingle

Tom helped me rehab from a sports injury. I could not recommend him enough. He takes time to understand the problem and makes the PT sessions bespoke to you and your goals. He is very motivational and gets the best out of you during each session. Tom even took the time during lockdown 2020 to carry on with Zoom fitness sessions for all keeping everyone fit and healthy which was inspirational. Thanks Tom.

Vicky Thorpe

Toms sessions have been total game changers for me this year.

Having never really done HITT or kettlebells, my friend got me to try Toms sessions to compliment my only regular exercise which is cycling.

I've definitely found squat muscles I didn't know I had and I'm amazed at how much stronger I feel, in mind and body, for mixing it up adding in Toms sessions to my week.

What is really unique though is the way Tom keeps everyone going and motivated with his witty banter. This is what makes me look forward (yes I really do!!) to these sessions. He has not only kept me strong and motivated, but more importantly in 2020, as an NHS worker, he has genuinely kept me sane, laughing and smiling. I just can't thank him enough for this.

I'd 100% recommend you to try Toms sessions... come on, try it - feel like a rock-star, drop it like it's squat and see you at the winners club in results city!

Thanks so much Tom - you are ace!!

Katie Peat

Not only is Tom the most knowledgeable PT I’ve ever come across. He and his team have helped me and my family with some really specialised training needs, but also his work ethic and demeanour is so relatable! He is calm, funny, and hardworking, always striving to go above and beyond for his clients. I will continue to use Toms online classes and support in the future.

Kimberly Stockdale

Tom is an amazing and dedicated trainer. His rehabilitation training following my back operation really helped me get back my fitness. He always puts so much effort into making each work out interesting and challenging and I always feel so much better after every session. Thank you Tom.

Gillian Machugh

Tom has been a total saviour for us all during lockdown keeping us sane with his amazing workouts & his levels of difficulty are perfect And even better you don’t have to get up early anymore the YouTube footage afterwards is fantastic Big thank you Even managed to wear my witches hat on Halloween Dr Viv.

Viv Poskitt

Tom @ Fitcure is a great PT - he takes time to understand individual needs. He encourages honesty from the off without judgement so that he can build a plan that works and fits around your lifestyle. Very encouraging and motivating - I’m really enjoying the journey

Thanks Tom!

Catherine Cragg

I’ve have been seeing Tom for personal training for several years and my overall strength and fitness levels have greatly increased. However the biggest difference for me is the improvement of pain in my hips caused by bursitis. I am now pain free and have a lot more range of movement. Tom is extremely knowledgeable in this area and has always tailored my exercises to suit my needs whilst carefully building up strength. Tom is a fantastic PT and truly cares about every client he see’s.

Charlotte Smalley

An amazing personal trainer. His extensive knowledge and understanding of how the body moves is second to none. He motivates and encourages you, and I can highly recommend him. Thank you Thomas.

Gill Mitchell

When it comes to personal training and in particular hip rehabilitation, you couldn't ask for any more! I've tried several PT's over the years and nothing compares to my experience with Tom. Whilst results are important, so is the individual and the experience you have. His overall approach is first class and works at all levels. Don't hesitate to try! He is passionate, knowledgeable and a great communicator. My training has evolved from hip rehab specific (after multiple operations – arthroscopy, MUA and resurfacing) to now full body training 5+ years in! Thank you Tom.

Nik Salkeld

Tom is a fantastic personal trainer, his attention to detail, knowledge and care he has to every single one of his clients is above and beyond expectations. He provides you with the know how and confidence to follow his programming in and out of sessions which results in better quality living that everyone deserves.

Jez Howarth

I have been training with Tom for about 3 years. I started because I'd been told I was ostiopenic and knew weight training would be very beneficial. However I did not relish the prospect of a gym! Tom has been fantastic at building both my strength and confidence and my dodgy knees have improved dramatically too.

Jo Bailey

Training with Team Tom over the covid period has been a real life saver. Each session is hard work, but the benefits last all day and I always feel better for it. Live sessions keep me honest, as Tom would call me out if I wasnt working hard enough, but also encourage me when I was pushing myself. Definitely on my way to "result city" with team Tom! Thanks!

Cat Washburn

Thankyou Tom for helping an "old boy" keep competing in martial arts! At the age of 56 I am still competing with the Great Britain Sport Jujitsu Squad at international level. Last year at the WCJJO World Championships in the USA I was delighted to win Gold in the Masters division (over 40s); I was the oldest in the whole competition. Tom has helped me understand that I need to work on a range of movement patterns as my sport causes dominance of certain muscles. Tom grew up with martial arts with his father competing and teaching, so understands the sport well. He also is a great motivator and I always feel so energised and positive after seeing him.

Paul Grant
GB Sport Jujitsu Head Coach

I have had the pleasure and honour of working alongside Tom Higo for over 10 years. I have not only seen how he has helped so many of my hip patients in preparing them for surgery, or dealing with hip issues conservatively; and also in post-operative rehabilitation taking them to full athletic function, but he has also helped me personally recover from my hip arthroscopy, gynae surgery, a broken elbow and a recent hip replacement! Tom's approach is unique. He has spent years working with the Physiocure Chartered Physiotherapists, has studied at length to understand movement dysfunction, myofascial involvement, postural restoration and has attended surgical conferences with the Physiocure team; and he is dedicated to his learning to help his clients. Feedback from my patients has been "Wow!"

Louise Grant MSc. MCSP.MHCPC
Hip Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist
Member of the Health and Care Professions Council
Advanced Practitioner in MSK Medicine

Fitcure is a lovely safe environment to workout in, the personal trainers assess you and then pitch your program of fitness to suit you. Im extremely happy there and wouldn't look else where.

Andrea Stokes

Scott Lemm - Testimonials

Hey Scott,
I don't normally do soft but I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help & support over these last 6 months.

I most likely wouldn't have got into the gym if you hadn't been so nice, genuine, understanding & non judgemental towards this nutjob. During the recovery process peole often don't realise they've helped. Well you have, be it pushing me past my fitness expectations, cheering me on when the weight comes off or letting me get shit off my chest. So again, many thanks to you.


THANK YOU once agian fo your time and patience with me. I really am feeling the benefits I am sure as I have said before it is the detail and explanations that you give that makes you the TOPS for me.


Corrie Liptrot - Testimonials

I previously attended group class sessions with Corrie and kept up with her online sessions throughout lockdown. When the opportunity came to do one to one sessions at the start of summer I jumped at the chance.

Corrie started with the absolute basics of breathing and posture and this created a great foundation for everything we have done since. I don't respond well to a "shouty" gym instructor so Corrie's critical friend style suits me perfectly. She pushes me, doesn't let me get away with being sloppy but does so with a smile on her face! I never did weights in the gym as I felt uncomfortable but that fear just isn't there with Corrie. I can feel the positive changes in my body as a result of the one to one training and I'm starting to see the difference in my appearance too. I never wanted to lose weight, just tone and feel good. And that's exactly what's happening.

I look forward to every session and miss it when, on the rare occasion, it's not been on. Consistency has been key and Corrie has been instrumental in this and motivating me to be better week on week. To work with Corrie as my PT has been the best decision and investment I have made in terms of my fitness and health. I get fit, toned, feel good, have a laugh and get tasty treat tips like peanut butter on apple. What more could I want? I love it!


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