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Scott Lemm

Profile of Scott Lemm

Scott Lemm

Physical Trainer / Injury Rehabilitation

I am known by the team here at Fitcure for my strategic planning and detail.

I have worked in all aspects of the fitness industry over the last 14 years everything from clinical, gym floor, management, personal training, group classes, supplements and gym design just to name a few. This has given me the opportunity to work with people from different walks of life and a full 360 degree view of the health and fitness industry. What has always remained is my love of working with individuals on a one to one basis.

My passion/niche is nutrition and weight management having spent some time working with the NHS Specialist Population Weight Management team which reconciled a lot of the learning with the real-life health struggles encountered by the overweight/obese and the additional complications and barriers to traditional exercise (including doing a workout in a 20KG Fat Suit – not easy”!). I have continued my education- running in tandem with the governmental focus- regarding the obesity epidemic and since completing a Obesity/Diabetes specialism and working with pre-diabetics/diabetics, realising the severe health/lifelong implications and the fact that my prescriptive exercise/nutritional support can actually reverse the disease I find HUGELY rewarding. Where the struggles lie within this area is not just as simple as calories in calories out and interval training, its building a plan around correcting muscular imbalance, working around injuries whilst building resilience.

I also have a side line specialist interest as it where, being a father whilst simultaneously trying to run a company and achieve a level of athleticism, has made given me an appreciation of how difficult the challenge can be for a lot of my clients, over the past 10 years I have learnt a ton of nutritional hacks, and built countless workout plans to help balancing parents, like myself, achieve the body they desire in the time they have.

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  • THANK YOU once agian fo your time and patience with me. I really am feeling the benefits I am sure as I have said before it is the detail and explanations that you give that makes you the TOPS for me.


  • Hey Scott,
    I don't normally do soft but I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help & support over these last 6 months.

    I most likely wouldn't have got into the gym if you hadn't been so nice, genuine, understanding & non judgemental towards this nutjob. During the recovery process peole often don't realise they've helped. Well you have, be it pushing me past my fitness expectations, cheering me on when the weight comes off or letting me get shit off my chest. So again, many thanks to you.


  • I previously attended group class sessions with Corrie and kept up with her online sessions throughout lockdown. When the opportunity came to do one to one sessions at the start of summer I jumped at the chance.

    Corrie started with the absolute basics of breathing and posture and this created a great foundation for everything we have done since. I don't respond well to a "shouty" gym instructor so Corrie's critical friend style suits me perfectly. She pushes me, doesn't let me get away with being sloppy but does so with a smile on her face! I never did weights in the gym as I felt uncomfortable but that fear just isn't there with Corrie. I can feel the positive changes in my body as a result of the one to one training and I'm starting to see the difference in my appearance too. I never wanted to lose weight, just tone and feel good. And that's exactly what's happening.

    I look forward to every session and miss it when, on the rare occasion, it's not been on. Consistency has been key and Corrie has been instrumental in this and motivating me to be better week on week. To work with Corrie as my PT has been the best decision and investment I have made in terms of my fitness and health. I get fit, toned, feel good, have a laugh and get tasty treat tips like peanut butter on apple. What more could I want? I love it!


  • Fitcure is a lovely safe environment to workout in, the personal trainers assess you and then pitch your program of fitness to suit you. Im extremely happy there and wouldn't look else where.

    Andrea Stokes

  • I have had the pleasure and honour of working alongside Tom Higo for over 10 years. I have not only seen how he has helped so many of my hip patients in preparing them for surgery, or dealing with hip issues conservatively; and also in post-operative rehabilitation taking them to full athletic function, but he has also helped me personally recover from my hip arthroscopy, gynae surgery, a broken elbow and a recent hip replacement! Tom's approach is unique. He has spent years working with the Physiocure Chartered Physiotherapists, has studied at length to understand movement dysfunction, myofascial involvement, postural restoration and has attended surgical conferences with the Physiocure team; and he is dedicated to his learning to help his clients. Feedback from my patients has been "Wow!"

    Louise Grant MSc. MCSP.MHCPC
    Hip Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist
    Member of the Health and Care Professions Council
    Advanced Practitioner in MSK Medicine

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