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Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Want to work with us but geography is getting in the way? Not a problem.

With our amazing software, the world is getting smaller, but with that comes great opportunity to work with the experts that you resonate with. Our online coaching platform allows us to work with you wherever you are in the world, providing you have a smart phone or computer.

What we offer?

Our online coaching program is something we, at Fitcure, are extremely proud of. We offer bespoke individualised training programs taking into account your injuries and muscular imbalance using our online assessment process, whilst simultaneously helping you to achieve your health, performance and body composition goals which are written and delivered through our online platform every two to four weeks depending on the phase. Each exercise comes with videos, descriptions, scheduling of workouts with “check-ins” to give you accountability, knowing your coach is always tracking. Our software also allows us to give you technique feedback; simply film your exercises next to ours on the app and we can give you feedback.

Constant access to your coach through the online platform, as well as bespoke fitness and lifestyle habits based around your limiting factors drip fed to you slowly in a bitesize manageable formula without overwhelm, through daily coaching lessons which give you lasting results.

The beauty of the online coaching platform is you get access to the expert you need, train in your own time, in your own venue of choice, to your own schedule, without anybody even knowing - other than your coach of course!

Want to work with us online? Payment made in advance monthly of £50, no contract no minimum sign up and it continues to roll over until you tell us to stop.

£50 per month gives you access to your trainer via the app. Additional online one to one sessions are offered at £40 per session via Zoom.

Fitcure is built on community and we feel this is the integral part to our success, to help you get results and to show there is real people with similar struggles and goals we also deliver online classes via zoom and as part of your online coaching you get access to all of our classes, to give you that added piece of motivation when you need it most!

What You Get

  • Bespoke individualised training program every 4 weeks.
  • Online App
  • Feedback on technique
  • Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle habits
  • Accountability
  • Access to your coach via messenger
  • Recipes
  • Coaching and tweaking through our messaging centre.

Where do I start?

  1. Click the link and enter details
  2. Fill out forms and perform video assessment
  3. Trainer will take maximum 5 days to design program
  4. Your trainer will then contact you and pop program on the app

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